About Us

FYI is a faith based organization committed to  strengthening the seven pillars common to every woman’s life: Purpose, Relationships, Balance, Health, Hospitality, Identity, and Faith. Our passion is to uplift, honor, and inspire Jesus in everyday living.

FYI Mission

Our mission is to ignite the incredible influence and life-giving potential of women inspiring them both practically and spiritually to live their God-given potential within their home, workplace, and community.

FYI Vision

Our vision is to inspire women to:
  • Discover, Develop, and Do Their God-given Purpose
  • Strengthen their relationships
  • Identify who God says they are
  • “Make the next right choice" and gain balance in every day living
  • Enjoy hospitality by “Starting simply…but simply starting”
  • Jump of the Hormone Swing, and
  • Grab the Joy…even when life doesn’t make sense.
We are committed to accomplishing this vision through Intimate Conferences and ongoing Exclusive Memberships.
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