Discover Your Purpose

Welcome to Discover You Purpose, a course by Julie Gorman. Below you will find each of the sixteen sessions in this course.  

You Were Created on Purpose for a Purpose – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 1

As we begin, I want to pause and encourage you: You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared long in advance for you to do. (Ephesians 2:10) And,as much as you long to know God’s purpose for your life, He longs (even more) to reveal it.

God’s Definition of Success – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 2

Let me start today by saying good-morning, good-afternoon, or good-evening. Regardless of whether you’re an early riser or a late night owl, I am so glad we are journeying together to Discover Your God-given purpose. I hope each of our sessions together offer clarity, encouragement, and inspiration.

What Do You Mean I Was Wrong, Lord? – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 3

Today, I’d love for you to pause for just a moment and ask yourself: What comes natural to me? What do I do instinctively, effortlessly?
Serving God isn’t best accomplished in something “We do” it begins with “Who we are”. And, “Who we are” is best discovered through what comes naturally.

Could Your Passions Indicate God’s Purpose? – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 4

A couple of years ago I received a note from a potential ministry opportunity: “If you’re interested, let me know.” Hmmmmm. I thought. Interested?
My heart skipped wildly within my chest. The old familiar lump in my throat swelled. Butterflies fluttered. But excited?—Not quite.

Avoid the Eyeore Syndrome! – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 5

Between counseling women, teaching Bible studies, and overseeing the activities of every day living, my time became a precious commodity. As you can imagine; I was one busy lady. At one point I cried out, “Lord, something has to give. Please, tell me what to do.” And, that’s when it happened—God surprised me! “Julie, what do you enjoy?”

God Disqualifies Our Disqualifiers – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 6

Ok…I have to tell you a funny story. One day in my mad dash to get the kids lunches packed, drive my oldest to her school, write my blog, and get ready to help my husband at his work by being at our first marketing appointment by 9 AM, I kept complaining: “Man these shoes hurt today. The leather really must need stretched out.”

Really God, You Want Me To Do What? – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 7

Wow. Can you believe we are 1/3 of the way through our series on discovering your God-given purpose? For the last 3 weeks we’ve focused a lot on discovering our purpose. So far, we’ve asked vital questions like: “Lord, what do you desire for my life? What comes naturally?

Don’t Mistake God’s Silence as God’s Absence! – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 8

I can still remember my husband’s encouragement. “Breathe Julie…c’mon you can do it…only a few more seconds…you should be getting some relief in about five…four…three…two…”

God’s Shocking Question! – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 9

A few years back, I read a fascinating story about two horses at a state fair. At the fair they would hitch horses to a wagon and hold contests to see which horse could pull the most weight. During the contest two separate horses each pulled 9,000 pounds.

Do Your Shoes Need Switching? – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 10

Man, I wish I could introduce you to some of my friends. First, there is my husband. He is truly a leader of leaders. Then there is Amy. Amy always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it. Then there’s Sandy. I thought I was a big dreamer…until God brought her into my life.

One of the Best Pieces of Advice I Ever Received… – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 11

After all, if you’re like me, discovering your purpose can become frustrating. Disqualifying whispers like “You’ll never be able to do that.” Or, “You aren’t good enough.” will challenge your worth. Isn’t it easy to let circumstances dictate what we believe about ourselves rather than the truth from God’s Word?

Divine Power On An 8 X 10 Paper – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 12

Today, as we press on towards discovering our God-given purpose, I wanted to share a funny story with you. While away at Bible College, my friends and I often drove to Chicago to hang out. One evening, in the heart of downtown Chicago, I took a wrong turn. Oncoming lights in my windshield quickly alerted me to the fact—I was going the wrong way!

A Home-town Fair’s Surprise! – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 13

Today, we’re going to take a look at the law of reaping and sowing. So are you ready? I’ve got a really tough question for you…let’s see how smart you are. (LOL) If you plant a tomato seed, what will you get? If you plant corn, what will you reap? If you plant green beans, what will you harvest?

Two Essentials of Purpose-filled Relationships – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 14

The other night I had a dream…one of those dreams where awake sensing it was significant. At first I didn’t really understand it’s meaning. Though the dream probably only lasted for thirty seconds, it seemed like an eternity.

A Powerful Discovery In God’s Law of Nature – Discovering Your Purpose, Session 15

As I prepared my heart on what to share, I was reminded of David. I love what David wrote in his later years of life: “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken…” (Psalm 37:25)

Hope Amidst Life’s Fog!- Discovering Your Purpose, Session 16

I read a story about Florence May Chadwick, the first woman who attempted to swim the 26 mile stretch between Catalina Island and the California coastline. Fifteen hours after Florence began her chartered swim, a heavy fog set in, making it impossible to see the shoreline.

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