Lifegiving Hospitality

Welcome to Lifegiving Hospitality, a course by Tammy Maltby. Below you will find each of the sixteen sessions in this course.

The Life-Giving Home – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 1

Hi. My name is Tammy. Welcome to Women Inspired’s Exclusive Mentorship on The Lifegiving Home. I’ll be mentoring you twice a week for the next 8 weeks on the subject of hospitality and your home. I am so glad to have you with me.

Your Dream Home – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 2

What do you think of when you hear the word home?
More important, what do you dream of? What sounds like a wonderful way to live? What do you wish your home could be like? What kind of home life do you think would honor God?

What Makes a Home a Home? – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 3

Welcome back. Today I’d like to think a little about what makes a home truly lifegiving.
Remember Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? A cyclone picked her up, house and all and landed her in the middle of a strange land full of strange creatures.

The “What” and “Why” of Hospitality – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 4

So far we have talked about why the home is important and how hospitality plays a wonderful part in giving others a message about their value. Most of us we want to be lifegiving hospitable women. But the more I speak to women about home and hospitality, the more I’m convinced that a lot of people aren’t quite sure what hospitality is—

A Gift for Hospitality – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 5

Do you have the gift for hospitality? You may be shaking your head. “Not me!” People say that to me all the time. Usually they add something like “I’m too busy” or “my house is a wreck” or “I can’t cook” or “Are you kidding?”

Knock Down Roadblocks – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 6

What blocks your efforts to create a lifegiving home? What are mental and emotional hangups that stop your progress? I’ve heard a million of them—and come up against a few of my own. But these five powerful strategies have helped me knock down my roadblocks and keep on track toward creating a lifegiving home:

Just Do It! – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 7

There is a lot you can do to set yourself up for hospitality. You can clean, rearrange furniture, plan menus and recipes. But by far the most important thing you can do is to develop a sense of welcome in your heart. All the other elements—cleanliness, tidiness, beauty, and comfort—can make a contribution. They can help you feel more confident about welcoming people into your home.

“But My House Is a Mess!” – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 8

It’s one of top three excuses I hear for not practicing hospitality: “My house is a mess!”
And the answer I found to this excuse is counterintuitive but effective: stop cleaning for company.
I’m serious about this. It can make a huge difference in your life.

Find Your Style – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 9

My friend Lynn Brown is one of the most loving, most hospitable women I know. She entertains frequently, hosts Bible studies in her home, is always inviting someone over for a snack. Her motto is “have a cookie, make a friend.”

Comfy and Cozy – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 10

Just the other day, I noticed that my husband was spending a lot of time in his study instead of in our family room. And it dawned on me that he just enjoys sitting in the big brown office chair. It just feels more comfortable to his big frame than our family-room chair does.

Seasons of Home and Hospitality – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 11

It’s important to be mindful of the seasons of your life, because they will color your practice of hospitality. The way you serve and welcome others will change—it should change—as you move through life and your circumstances change. I know that has been true in the various seasons of my own life.

The Cheat-Proudly Principle – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 12

In our sessions so far, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about what home and hospitality really mean and addressing a few issues that might keep you from being comfortable with your hospitable self. Now I want to get a little more direct and practical by suggesting a few bedrock principles for simplifying your hospitality efforts.

The Plan-to-Be Spontaneous Principle – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 13

I love the idea of spontaneous hospitality—those wonderful spur-of-the-moment invitations that bring people together in unexpected ways. But here’s the reality: Most of the time, if I don’t plan ahead for hospitality, I reduce the chances that it will ever happen.

The “Many Hands” Principle – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 14

Can you be hospitable all on your own? Absolutely. But the practice of hospitality really takes off when you share the work . . . and the fun. There’s just something about pitching in together that halves the stress and doubles the joy.

Edible Hospitality: The Basics – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 15

Did you know that 28% of Americans don’t cook? That’s what a recent survey found. Despite the abundance of cooking shows, cooking books, cooking blogs, nearly a third of Americans don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Your Ministry of Hospitality – Lifegiving Hospitality, Session 16

You know that it’s a gift to have a lifegiving home, but have you ever thought of home and hospitality as a ministry to which you’re called? That’s something I’d like you to think about as we conclude our time together. As you continue to practice hospitality and submit it to the Lord, you may even find your ministry grows and changes.

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