What Are the Seven Pillars?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday living and overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists of life. Add in the delicate nature of womanhood, expectations from others, struggling relationships…and…well...LIFE can get complicated. FYI formed for the purpose of providing ongoing inspiration to women, in the areas of: Purpose, Relationships, Balance, Health and Hormones, Hospitality, Identity, and Faith. We are committed to strengthening the SEVEN pillars common to every woman’s life through our Conferences and Exclusive Memberships. The FYI national speaker team pre-recorded  seven coaching series exclusively for our FYI Members. Here is a brief description of each series: The Pillar of Faith: Are you wading through a major disappointment? Grieving the loss of someone to death or divorce? Stressed out by your many responsibilities? Convinced God isn't listening? Maybe just plain tired? If so, let Sandra encourage you with her sometimes humorous but always practical insight born of experience. Even though she has weathered plenty of life’s wreckage over the years, she has learned to draw strength from Scripture and see God in the ordinary. Yes, it is possible to embrace joy even through tears. God is real, and we do not pray to air.   The Pillar of Purpose: Do you ever feel like you’ve “messed up” or “missed out” on God’s purpose for your life? Do you struggle to know His specific purpose for your life? Feel boxed in by your current circumstances? Or think, Surely there has to be more to life than this? If so, you’re going to love the fresh ideas in Discover Your Purpose. Each week Julie provides a methodical approach and practical steps to help you identify God’s unique design for your life and offers spiritual encouragement to inspire you to live His call with passion—in your home, workplace, and community. Your life really can make a difference!   The Pillar of Relationships: What should come natural to women is often the most challenging!  “Intimate relationships” may float a woman’s boat, but we can often feel more like a sinking ship!  Are you struggling to connect with your husband?  Do you find yourself occasionally tempted to look outside your marriage for a sense of satisfaction?  Are you searching for ways to better equip your teens as they navigate relational waters?  Do you long to cultivate a more intimate relationship with your Heavenly Bridegroom?  If so, join Shannon Ethridge as she shares her three passions:  sexual integrity, sexual intimacy in marriage, and intimacy with Christ!   The Pillar of Balance: Are you struggling to keep your life in balance? Have you written that all-important list of priorities but seem to have difficulty applying the list to your life? Kendra will help you establish your list based on Biblical foundations and, equally important, she will give you tools to make practical application of your priorities to your life.  You will learn the essential concept that “Making a list of priorities is not enough.  You must paint a picture.”  Join Kendra on the adventure to discover why each ranking is important and how to put “First Things First.”   The Pillar of Identity : Got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Frustrated by the clutter and chaos?  Feeling guilty about the abundant and unused things in your closet?  You are not alone ~ the average woman wears 20% of the clothes in her closet 80% of the time! De-clutter your closet and enrich your spiritual life as you join image coach, Jill Swanson on a fun, step-by-step adventure and learn how to: Update, Accessorize, Organize and Shop wise. Discover ways to refine, refresh and regenerate your inner and outer beauty.   The Pillar of Hospitality: Do you long to have a home that is a warm gathering place, rooms full of laughter and conversation? Do you desire to have people over but often feel overwhelmed at the condition of your house, kids, budget, and culinary abilities? If so this course if for you!  Each week you will be inspired to start simply but simply start enjoying your home as a place of potential joy and ministry. You’ll pick up practical skills, delicious recipes, easy tips, and encouragement to make your home a place of comfort and care for you, your family, and those you welcome.   The Pillar of Health and Hormones: Is it important for you to be your best—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so that you can do the work God has called you to do? Do you feel a responsibility to provide a healthy environment for yourself and your family? Do you like knowing the latest research about how different foods and products affect your health? Could you use a regular dose of positive information…affirmation…and inspiration? If so, this course if for you. Each week Lorraine shares a practical “Take-away Tip” related to health and hormones and prays a spiritual blessing over you so that you might feel equipped to live life to the fullest.   Click our Exclusive Memberships link to learn how you can enroll.  
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