You Will NOT Be Put To Shame

Wow, what a great week, I love hearing all your testimonies of what the Lord is speaking to you during this 21 day adventure (as we invite Him to speak and listen for His direction). Today, I want to encourage you to abandon yourself completely to Him and put your hope completely in Him. Isaiah 49:23  promises us that "Those who hopefully wait for Me will not be put to shame." MMMMMMMM....let that soak in and settle in the core of your spirit...As we hopefully wait for GOD, WE WILL NOT be put to shame! I recently came through one of the most gruelling battles of my life; the season was darker than the years I suffered abuse and lonelier than the season following my divorce. I had never felt more alone, more forsaken, more abandoned, or helpless. Satan threw every weapon he had to test my faith, tried to confuse me through my circumstances, and weight me with one battle after another...I wanted to pull myself up and press on but some days were so dark I simply just didn't have it in me. A heavy fog hovered all around me, undetected by others, but on some days, I literally felt as if I wouldn't be able to see my hand, even if I put it directly in front of my face. (Ever been there? It ISN'T fun!) But through it all, I held fast to the TRUTH OF WHO GOD IS. I reminded myself of His Character, His Power, and His Intent towards me. Friends, throughout all of the battle, the truth I held fast to was that GOD IS GOOD, HE LOVES ME, and He works ALL things together for my good...
"Those who hopefully wait for Me will not be put to shame."
2011 holds such promise! And over the last couple of weeks I sense great victory! I sense a great awakening in my spirit and feel that GOD is well pleased with me...He has once again crushed the enemy...thwarted all Satan's evil plots...and empowered me to triumph over every weapon formed against me! AND I AM CONFIDENT...HE WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU! So, hold fast to Him, wait for Him with hope, you will NOT be put to shame! PRAYER: Father, thank You for fulfilling Your promises. Thank You that the cloud has lifted. Thank You for being my defender. I ask that You would invade our circumstances with Your presence and that by Your power You would annihilate our enemies. Give us the victory. We put our hope in You and wait patiently for you. Thank You that we will NOT be put to shame. We love You with all we have. In Jesus name, amen.  
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